Vancouver anthem singer

Marie Hui, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a freelance singer, performer and songwriter.

As a seasoned performer, Marie is always in the moment – energetic and expressive, soulful and wholly authentic. Her vocal expression is one that projects emotion, passion, positivity and strength. When citing her influences, Marie’s come from genres that include R&B, funk, pop and soul.

Since starting her musical career, Marie has grown to become a sought-after performer for various bands and a singer for studio work. Marie’s musical experience includes performing in venues across Vancouver, touring with a nine-piece band in Macau (China) and Thailand, and writing and recording for a variety of production companies.

Marie is best known for her anthem singing around Vancouver and Seattle. She has spent the last 6 seasons singing at every home match for the Vancouver Whitecaps FC as their Official Anthem Singer, and she has been invited by the Seattle Seahawks to represent Canada at the yearly Canadian Appreciation Day, singing the anthems in front of 67,000 fans, three years in a row (2014, 2015, 2016). She has also appeared reglularly for the Vancouver Canucks. Learn more about Marie's anthem singing here.

When she's not using her vocal instrument, Marie, who holds a BBA from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, spends her time in real estate development marketing (view her LinkedIn profile here), as well as travelling and playing football and basketball.