Cover Model?! Get Out Of Here!

Last weekend marked my very first cover shoot for a magazine. When I received the call from the producer of Boulevard Magazine, I was beside myself. "Me? You want ME to be on the cover of your magazine? Get out of here! Are you sure?!"

After all the shock and surprise subsided, I accepted the challenge. We would meet in the inner harbour in Victoria on  Sunday, board a yacht during the Victoria Boat Show, start hair and makeup by the wonderful Melodie of Elate Cosmetics (you must check her beauty company out - all cruelty and chemical free products), dress up in something pretty and then I'd have to "work it" for the camera. Sexy, with a touch of class and luxury. Let me tell you...I had to try really hard!

It was definitely an experience to remember. Dressing up in a vibrant, bright red full length gown, performing twirls with different arm/hand gestures, head up or down, look left, look right, all the while, remembering to "smize", sucking it in, making sure my hair isn't stuck on my lipstick, and trying really hard not to squint because of the glaring sunshine. I can't forget about the spectators on the other boats around us, the people in their kayaks paddling over to get a good look and the Victorians walking around the inner harbour taking photos and staring. 

I can't wait to see how the cover turned out. There's a 4 page editorial on me too. Man, am I lucky and forever grateful. Boulevard Magazine, June 2015 edition.

In the meantime, here are some behind the scenes shots. Enjoy!