The Province Feature & Top Artists On My iPod

I still can't believe people want to write about me in the news - and in the sports section to boot! It's very humbling, and I'm incredibly appreciative.

I know I've said this a million times, but social media has really helped create connections with amazing individuals that I would never have met or conversed with otherwise. Case in point - Steve Ewen. He made the connection through Twitter, and after a few twitter messages and emails, the result is a full page article in The Province Newspaper, and an online article and video interview here

In the video, Steve asks me a question that I struggled so hard to answer - who are your top 5 artists on your iPod? If you know me, you'll know that its the hardest question for me to answer. In the end, and because I had to, my answers were:

1. Beyonce - because she is THE QUEEN and the undisputed epitome of talent and entertainment. If I were list my favourite songs by her, the list would last 10 pages!
2. Common - because I still really love hiphop and his voice is one of the most smooth voices in hiphop today. Listen to this one - The Light
3. Erykah Badu - she is the personification of funk & soul - check this song out and tell me you don't feel the same
4. Miguel - he's on heavy rotating right now. If you don't know him, listen to this
5. My band LeftCoast's original songs - we have poured our hearts and souls into the songs we've created. Nothing released yet, but if you come to see us live, we will play them for you!

I know I was only told to choose 5, but because it was so hard, I wanted to list an additional 5 artists that I love, that are in heavy rotation on my iPod.

1. Incognito - this is one band you MUST listen to if you love funk and soul. This is my all time favorite song by them - 1975. The foundation of LeftCoast was built by their music
2. Alicia Keys - I know she's an obvious choice, but man...she started out as a game changer, and she still is. One of my favourite songs by her - Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)
3. Brandy - ask any R&B singer about Brandy, and they'll tell you that she is the queen of harmonies. If you don't believe me, please please please click on this link. Just her voice and an electric guitar - A Capella (Something's Missing) 
4. Sara Bareilles - This woman is simply amazing. Her lyrics are incredibly intricate and thought-provoking. I also love her because she swears like a trucker - just like me haha! Listen to this one and tell me you didn't tear up - Gravity
5. Luther Vandross - his art is timeless. God rest his beautiful soul. He gave us so much in his time on earth. Here are two of my favourites - Never Too Much & If Only For One Night 

These are just a few of the artists that have influenced me along my musical journey. I hope I opened you up to some new music today. I'm always on the lookout for new music and new talented artists. If you have some to share with me, I'd love to listen! Send me a message or leave a comment!

Have a great Sunday, full of sunshine and football!