Out Of My Comfort Zone

A good friend, Dave Olson, inspired me to "make Facebook better". Or, in other words, make online sharing better. Stop sharing useless, unstimulating crap, like which celebrity's sex tape leaked, and start sharing things that change the world, no matter how minute. 

He spoke about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and sharing things that scare or define you as a person. Things that you're too self conscious to give to the world because it's not perfect enough, or it needs just a little more work. Those are my exact two reasons why I shy away from sharing original content, and this blog post is about me, conjuring up the strength and confidence to share something that would've just rotted away in the back of my hard drive for the rest of eternity. 

Thank you Dave, for all of your encouraging words, your extremely fascinating stories, and most of all, thank you for inspiring me to be a better human - a person that knows she can change the world. 

Today, I'm sharing my very first professional recording, circa 2003. "I'm Ready", Produced by Francis Garcia. Enjoy!