"End Of The Road" for Luongo in Vancouver

I'm glad I got to sing the anthems for Luongo at least once!
As soon as word hit Twitter that Roberto Luongo was traded, I received a call from my good friend Clayton Imoo. The first sentence out of his mouth  - "you know why I'm calling, right?". Of course I knew, Clay!

Less than 3 hours of rehearsing, prepping and primping, we had a final take of the song. No cutting and pasting...just raw footage with captions. 

It's our tribute to the reign of Roberto Luongo - one of the best goalies Vancouver ever had. He brought us to the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2011 and secured the gold medal for Canada in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. 

Quite a few people messaged me on Facebook, tweeted us on Twitter, or commented on the websites that posted our video, saying they cried while watching it or that our lyrics and emotion in the performance on the song were their exact same sentiments. Luongo personally reached out to both of us individually and thanked us as well. He said he was holding back tears the entire time he was watching this video. These messages, and especially the DM from the person we were making the video for, has made this entire experience that much more special. 

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is.