Thank You for 2013

Photo: Reppin' the @seahawks 12th man at the @NFL #ProBowl! #tailgate #hawaii
What a spectacular year 2013 was and I'm sad to see it over. From an NFL Pro Bowl vacation in Hawaii, to an exciting Whitecaps season, countless efforts to perfect my craft on stage (including one that involved a 60+ member horn section) and learning from superstars from the crowd. 2013 also included a trip to the states to play basketball with an all-female, all-Chinese team, 4 Canucks parody videos (one of which went semi-viral, garnering 46,000+ views on YouTube), witnessing my best friend marry the love of her life, winning another football championship, venturing down a brand new career path, and numerous National Anthem appearances, including one for the highest profile sports team in Vancouver.

I feel so incredibly blessed and lucky to be supported and loved by the people in my life. These experiences would not have been possible if it weren't for you. Thank you to everyone that has touched me in some way - family, friends, co-workers, team mates, band members and supporters. Even the littlest of tweets has affected me! No one has been left unnoticed.

This new year will be a milestone - both in age and in my path to conquering fears and fulfilling my dreams.

Cheers to a new year full of adventure and success, love and laughter.