I'm a Seahawks Fan in Vancouver

The NFC Championship game was unreal. Anxiousness, complete alertness, eyes glued to the tv screens at the Lamplighter, sweaty palms pounding on the tables after every play. The entire venue's occupants shouting words of encouragement, "Sea-HAWKS" cheers and the occasional brave 49'ers fan clapping within a sea of blue and green.

The game was exciting to the very last second. Richard Sherman's tip in the end zone was the Seahawk's last payment towards a trip to the Superbowl!

I marvelled at their athleticism...the physical ability of these mighty men had me reeling. Being a football player myself, I know the importance of defence. "Defence wins game" everybody says, and it's true. The Seahawk's Legion of Boom contributed greatly towards that win, and I still find myself in awe while thinking about that game. I quarterback for my women's flag football team and I completely admire Russell Wilson. I want to play just like him. Anyways, that's another few hours of conversation that can wait until next time.

The same evening we won the NFC Championship (and I say "we" because the Seahawks is my adopted home team, and I'm obviously rooting for them), my good friend Clay texted me asking if I wanted to do a Seahawks song for the week leading to the Superbowl. No question about it - I said yes! 

One week later, after the 15 mins it took Clay to write the song, 1.5 hours to catch up with each other, learn the song, set up camera and mic, change into jerseys, and 30 mins to record, we had our most viral video we've ever done (if you didn't know, we've done a bunch of videos in the past (including this one), focusing on the Vancouver Canucks.)

We've been on CTV, interviewed on camera by Global BC, featured on Richmond Review's website and all over social media, garnering us 74,132 views at the time I'm writing this blog.

This is first for me. 70,000+ views where I'm featured, doing what I love doing - singing. Thank you to everyone that watched the video, liked it, commented on it, shared it. Thanks to Clay for orchestrating the entire thing, writing the lyrics and playing the piano, Clay's son Sean for assisting with recording and Arielle for singing the song with me. I'm positive it will help the Seahawks win SB48. February 2nd will be a good day.