The Long Awaited Invitation & New Canucks Video

This week started out with a very special email - one that I have been waiting and hoping to receive. The largest and arguably the most high profile professional sports team in Vancouver - The Vancouver Canucks has asked me to sing the anthems for them this Thursday for a game against the San Jose Sharks.

                    "I know fan voting missed you in the top 10 group for Rock the Rog but we have heard 
                     you at White Caps games and liked your anthem submission for Rock the Rog and 
                     would love to have you sing the anthem at Canucks game this season."

Needless to say, my heart rate increased to a point of no return, and I proceeded to pump my fist in the air and gave out a cheer to the only person in the room - myself. I then went to facebook and proclaimed it to the online world, and up to this point in my facebook profile career, I have not had more "likes" than any other status update - 385!!! Thank you, facebook friends, for making me feel so special and sharing this excitement with me. 

To add to the thrill of such great news, my good friend and local Canucks Hockey Blogger, Clayton Imoo invited an equally talented local actor and performer, Arielle Tuliao, and I to record another Canucks video, just in time for the return of rival ex-Canuck goalie, Cory Schneider to Roger's Arena. With hopes that this video would turn viral like our last video, Under John Tortorella, Clay released the video yesterday, named Against All Odds (Luongo's Lament), to the tune of Phil Collins' hit song.

For those going to the game on Thursday, see you there. I hope I don't slip and fall on the ice. The Canucks knew that this was my biggest fear, and tweeted:

For those that aren't going to the game, I hope they televise it. I know I'll have my PVR recording it!