Singing on a Pier on a Cold Autumn Evening

Imagine this...a chilly October evening at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody. Couples taking their after-dinner walks with their dogs along the water, a few groups of teenagers roaming down the pier and first dates just coming out from the Boathouse, taking a romantic stroll to the end of the pier and back.

We approach the water and as we're getting ready setting up lighting, I'm freezing, shaking with anticipation, adrenalin and despite the cold weather, I'm stoked. I obviously didn't dress for the cold weather in a tight black dress, high heels and a light leather jacket. Trying to visualize the hot sandy beaches of Hawaii, I zone in on the task at hand - get in stage character for the filming of a new video for a cover song I've just recorded, Whitney Houston's You Give Good Love.

Thank you to Stars United for doing such a great job with the track and the video. I hope you enjoy my very first Glee-style video.

Love, Marie