I'm One of Them!

How can I summarize the 2012 Whitecaps FC MLS Season? Easy. The best season ever. Not only did the Whitecaps make it to the playoffs in their second season in the MLS (Toronto hasn't even made it 5 years in the MLS), I got to sing the anthem in front of David Beckham, in addition to singing the anthems in the thick of the Southside (video below).

But above all else, it has been the relationships that were conceived this season. Connections with the Vancouver Southsiders, players and the WC staff who make it look so effortless to create and execute the amazing game experience for all us, the fans. I appreciate each and every one of you. You've touched my heart in more ways than one.

To the Southsiders, thank you for welcoming me into the Organization with open arms.

Below is a video of me singing the anthems from the Southsiders stands.