The Seahawks Anthem Experience

I can't even begin to explain how incredible this experience was. 

From the moment I met my handler in person after multiple emails throughout the weeks (who was one of the nicest people I've ever met, might I add), to the moment I stepped off the red velvet stage after the American anthem (amid the ear-piercing screaming from all the 12s), I savoured every second of it. Felt it in my bones, to the depths of my soul and back. 

Sadly, my guests weren't allowed to film the performance from the field, so I didn't get any footage, but hopefully the Seahawks will pull through and send some soon. In the meantime, I've compiled some of my own photos, some fan photos and some screenshots of the @Seahawks and @SeahawksCanada tweets. See below! 

The love and support from all my friends, family, twitter, facebook, media and all the people that came up to me after the anthems to tell me I did a great job, was overwhelming. I feel nothing but gratitude - thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

One of the best tweets I received:
"@thebro88: @mariehui I'm a long time @Seahawks season ticket holder and honestly that was one of the best Anthems I've heard. Had goosebumps." 

Special thanks to Keli and Omar from the Seahawks organization for making this all happen for me, Joan from Crest & Crown for sponsoring my eyelash extensions, and C, Tiff and Janine for joining me during this momentous occasion. 

I hope I made all Canadians proud on Seahawk's Canada Day! I hope I get to perform on CenturyLink Field again one day!

Here's the Global TV / BC1 interview the day before the game - Burnaby resident to sing national anthems at Seattle Seahawks game

Here's a video that someone took and graciously sent to me. It's the only video footage I have of the performance! Hope you like it!

Here's an audio clip of the American anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. Listen to the crowd roar!

Marshawn Lynch is never impressed by anything...except me?

It's Official!

It's official. My name is officially on the Seattle Seahawks Game Day page on their website.

It's real and it's coming up...real fast! Eek!

Wish me luck!

Push for the MLS Playoffs!

What a blast it was to spend an evening with some good friends recording a video, then having the privilage of recording some footage with two star players of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Kekuta Manneh and Omar Saldago!

Given the fact that they were thrown into the studio, told what to do, then in three takes, finished. If they didn't dance as comfortable, or didn't lipsync the way everyone thought they would, you gotta know, we recorded this with them in literally 15 mins!

Here's to the push for the playoffs. We've only made it twice in four years of being in the MLS. Let's go boys!

The MLS even blogged about it!

Thanks to Clayton Imoo, Jason Nickel, Ben Wylie and his studio One Thousand Rivers! Thanks to Omar and Kekuta for playing along!


A Summer of Firsts

This summer has been a summer of firsts. First time visiting New York City, attending an Indian wedding, first time being a show MC, climbing actual rocks, first time seeing Boyz II Men live, and one of the biggest firsts in my life - singing the anthems for the Seattle Seahawks on the 21st. And then there's this...the first time jumping out of a fully functional aircraft at 12,500ft in the air. 40 seconds of freefall. I just wish my goggles stayed in place!

Don't ever stop learning, and don't ever stop experiencing new things. That's my mantra.


My NFL Anthem Debut

When I received the email that day, I had to tell myself to calm down, in an effort to stop myself from screaming at the top of my lungs in my office.

Needless to say, I'm still trying to calm myself so that I don't ruin my vocal chords for my debut anthem appearance for NFL Superbowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, as they battle their Superbowl runnerups, the Denver Broncos. Sure to be one of the most watched rematches this season, this game will be sold out and my performance may be aired on television which means not only will 67,000 people be hearing me sing live, but potentially millions more on tv! Not to mention, I'll be singing the anthems at the loudest stadium in the country - CenturyLink Field!

I'm humbled, overwhelmed (in a good way), and left feeling an enormous amount of love and support from all of my friends and family, and from people I haven't even met! Twitter has been such a great medium for me to reach out to people, and vice versa. The amount of emotion I've felt for people's special words in 140 characters just puts me to tears and I am so thankful!

Here's to representing Canada at the Seahawks' Canadian Appreciation game. I hope I make you all proud.

Check out the game to see if I make it on tv - Sunday September 21, 2014, 1:25pm, and follow me on twitter for the play by play - @mariehui

Here's a few articles written about my amazing opportunity.
Vancouver Sun - Burnaby singer will belt out the anthems at Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl rematch in Seattle
Burnaby Newsleader - Burnaby singer to hit career high note at Seahawks game


A Seahawks #12Tour Weekend

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend. What could be better than a weekend full of football, the Seahawks, getting drafted to play in the celebrity game, gigs, anthems and sharing it all with great friends. I really couldn't have asked for anything better.

Clayton Imoo & Arielle Tuliao joined me on stage to sing our Seahawks parody, Soar
Seahawks Super Bowl Champion, Bobby Wagner
Seahawks Super Bowl Champion, Russell Wilson
They actually announced my name during the celebrity draft!
The ladies of the Fighting Fillys
Celebrity Game Green team coach, Bobby Wagner

Honorary Captain of the Green Team
The #12Tour Celebrity Game

Photo Shooting in the Rain

Out of all the days of sunny Vancouver Spring weather we've been having, our scheduled photo shoot day had to be the one where it rained. 

No matter...that just made our shoot even sexier.

Photos to come soon, but here's a taste of what it'll look like. Enjoy!

Photographer: Allan Bacani Photography, assisted by Celine Bacani
Hair & Makeup: Vanessa Westerager

Out Of My Comfort Zone

A good friend, Dave Olson, inspired me to "make Facebook better". Or, in other words, make online sharing better. Stop sharing useless, unstimulating crap, like which celebrity's sex tape leaked, and start sharing things that change the world, no matter how minute. 

He spoke about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, and sharing things that scare or define you as a person. Things that you're too self conscious to give to the world because it's not perfect enough, or it needs just a little more work. Those are my exact two reasons why I shy away from sharing original content, and this blog post is about me, conjuring up the strength and confidence to share something that would've just rotted away in the back of my hard drive for the rest of eternity. 

Thank you Dave, for all of your encouraging words, your extremely fascinating stories, and most of all, thank you for inspiring me to be a better human - a person that knows she can change the world. 

Today, I'm sharing my very first professional recording, circa 2003. "I'm Ready", Produced by Francis Garcia. Enjoy!


Me, Myself, and Mark

This Friday's performance will be monumental for me. For the first time in my life, I'll be singing on stage with only one other person - my good friend and fellow band mate, Mark. My inaugural duo gig, compared to countless performances on stage with 6 other people to share it with.

I have to admit...I'm nervous and scared. Then I tell myself that if I can sing in front of 20,000+ people by myself, then I can do this. I'll keep telling myself that! Like everything else in life, exude confidence, and you'll be gold.

It'll be a night of raw soulful vocals and harmonious keys. Come and join me as I rip the cherry off this ish!

Hard Rock Casino Vancouver - Unlisted Stage
Friday March 28, 2014
No cover


What's Life Without Music?

Music surrounds my life in multiple magnitudes. Either writing original music with one band, or perfecting my craft on stage with another, travelling overseas to lend my talent to international markets, humbly seeing hundreds of thousands of views on youtube videos or standing in front of a crowd of tens of thousands of people in my hometown, music surrounds my life and I've fully and happily succumb to it. There's always a song in my head, and whether it's the most catchy song on the radio at the moment, or one that I'm trying to learn for a gig, or one that I've chosen to put on repeat for days straight, it's ever-present, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

What's life without music? No life at all.

By the way, have you seen the latest promo for my party band, Groove&Tonic? Check it out and let me know what you think! 


First Match Jitters?

Last Saturday was the first Whitecaps match of the 2014 season, which meant it was the first time for me singing the anthems in about 5 months, for a sold out crowd of 21,000 people.

This is my fourth season as the Vancouver Whitecaps' official anthem singer, so I shouldn't be nervous, right? By the end of the Canadian anthem, my body was shaking and my heartbeat was racing .

Let's chalk it up to an unusually large amount of adrenalin in my veins and extreme excitement that we've got a brand new season ahead of us!


"End Of The Road" for Luongo in Vancouver

I'm glad I got to sing the anthems for Luongo at least once!
As soon as word hit Twitter that Roberto Luongo was traded, I received a call from my good friend Clayton Imoo. The first sentence out of his mouth  - "you know why I'm calling, right?". Of course I knew, Clay!

Less than 3 hours of rehearsing, prepping and primping, we had a final take of the song. No cutting and pasting...just raw footage with captions. 

It's our tribute to the reign of Roberto Luongo - one of the best goalies Vancouver ever had. He brought us to the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2011 and secured the gold medal for Canada in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. 

Quite a few people messaged me on Facebook, tweeted us on Twitter, or commented on the websites that posted our video, saying they cried while watching it or that our lyrics and emotion in the performance on the song were their exact same sentiments. Luongo personally reached out to both of us individually and thanked us as well. He said he was holding back tears the entire time he was watching this video. These messages, and especially the DM from the person we were making the video for, has made this entire experience that much more special. 

If you haven't seen it yet, here it is.



My Hometown Newspaper

Today presented another first for me. My hometown community newspaper, The Richmond Review featured us on the front cover. Unreal!! I used to read this paper religiously. To see myself on the front cover is simply astonishing. If you haven't seen the reason why we were in the news, click here.

Hope my parents save me a copy!


I'm a Seahawks Fan in Vancouver

The NFC Championship game was unreal. Anxiousness, complete alertness, eyes glued to the tv screens at the Lamplighter, sweaty palms pounding on the tables after every play. The entire venue's occupants shouting words of encouragement, "Sea-HAWKS" cheers and the occasional brave 49'ers fan clapping within a sea of blue and green.

The game was exciting to the very last second. Richard Sherman's tip in the end zone was the Seahawk's last payment towards a trip to the Superbowl!

I marvelled at their athleticism...the physical ability of these mighty men had me reeling. Being a football player myself, I know the importance of defence. "Defence wins game" everybody says, and it's true. The Seahawk's Legion of Boom contributed greatly towards that win, and I still find myself in awe while thinking about that game. I quarterback for my women's flag football team and I completely admire Russell Wilson. I want to play just like him. Anyways, that's another few hours of conversation that can wait until next time.

The same evening we won the NFC Championship (and I say "we" because the Seahawks is my adopted home team, and I'm obviously rooting for them), my good friend Clay texted me asking if I wanted to do a Seahawks song for the week leading to the Superbowl. No question about it - I said yes! 

One week later, after the 15 mins it took Clay to write the song, 1.5 hours to catch up with each other, learn the song, set up camera and mic, change into jerseys, and 30 mins to record, we had our most viral video we've ever done (if you didn't know, we've done a bunch of videos in the past (including this one), focusing on the Vancouver Canucks.)

We've been on CTV, interviewed on camera by Global BC, featured on Richmond Review's website and all over social media, garnering us 74,132 views at the time I'm writing this blog.

This is first for me. 70,000+ views where I'm featured, doing what I love doing - singing. Thank you to everyone that watched the video, liked it, commented on it, shared it. Thanks to Clay for orchestrating the entire thing, writing the lyrics and playing the piano, Clay's son Sean for assisting with recording and Arielle for singing the song with me. I'm positive it will help the Seahawks win SB48. February 2nd will be a good day.