Celebrating Canada with the Seattle Seahawks

Sunday, October 18, 2015 marked my second NFL anthem appearance. 69,020 people in attendance, and apparently it was a record-breaking number for the Seahawks. It was definitely a record-breaking number for me!

I'm so thankful that I was chosen to be a part of the Canadian Appreciation Day experience. I felt as patriotic as ever, standing in front of a crowd of Americans, peppered with Canadians, singing our National Anthem, then, singing the American National Anthem. The roar of the crowd was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Intimidating...but I think it's the adrenaline rush of the thrill that keeps me wanting more and more.

It is a true privilege and a great honor to share my talent with the world, one anthem at a time.

Celebrating our country, the true north, strong and free, with the Seattle Seahawks. What a thrill! #12North #OhCanada
Posted by Marie Hui on Monday, October 19, 2015

Singing the American anthem in front of 69,020 people in America is really intimidating. I'm getting anxious watching...
Posted by Marie Hui on Monday, October 19, 2015

Vancouver WhitecapsFC Media Invitational

Every year, the Vancouver WhitecapsFC organization holds a one-day invitational for all the media personnel around town - writers, bloggers, sportscasters, news anchors, ex-pros and this year, they decided to invite their anthem singer. I'm humbled to have been included in the prestigious draft!

At every VWFC game, I get to walk on the pitch at BC Place. This time, I traded my heels for a pair of cleats. I didn't score any goals and our team didn't win a game, but I got to play a new sport, run around the turf at BC Place, not to mention catching up with old friends and making lots of new ones.

Check out the video recap here, and check out some of the photos below:

Tyler Green | @tylergreenfc
Carl Valentine | @CarlTwoOne
Irfaan Gaffar | @sportsnetirf
Carl Valentine presenting the trophy to the winning team
Team Schaad wins #WFCMI2016
Team Captain Paul Dolan | @DolieTheGoalie
Jason Kurylo | +Jason Kurylo @puckedinthehead
I stomped on Jorge Mendoza's hand. Ouch. Sorry! | @JorgeMendoza

 Follow this link to see the full list of invitees/players for the 2016 WhitecapsFC Media Invitational - http://www.whitecapsfc.com/MediaSuperDraft2015

Find + Seek | Puzzle Adventure Room

My cousin, Kevin, his wife and their two business partners have just launched a new spin on the "exit room" phenomenon that has hit Greater Vancouver. The outcome - Find+Seek, an adventure puzzle room!

When they told me about their new business venture, I was not only (obviously) impressed that they were starting their own business, but I was also intrigued by the idea of a puzzle room that wasn't connected to the theme of the horror movie, "Saw" - find your way out, or saw your foot off, or DIE.  It's way more family-friendly with no sense of death looming around you.

So I gathered a couple girlfriends to try it out. None of us have ever done anything like this before, and we went in with no prior knowledge of puzzle/exit rooms.

Here are the basics: 45 mins to solve the mystery. If you get stuck, they'll provide you with some hints (we received a lot of these hints haha). Be prepared to think - strategically, mathematically, with logic and plain common sense. Sometimes the answers were easier to solve than we expected - right under our noses!

Being the naturally competitive girls we are (we're basketball and football teammates), we wanted to win. Little did we know, the more people you have in the room, the more collective brain power you have, therefore the faster you'll succeed. We only had three players, including myself. Doh!

After being briefed on the game, we were ushered into a room that was fully decked out - decor, furnishings, trinkets - everything in the room had a purpose. Even the TV screen, which was a means of communication between us and the "Watchtower". If we were stuck, we'd call for the Watchtower and they would give us clues. Once we passed a step, another task would appear, getting us closer to solving the mystery.

Verdict? All three of us had feelings of complete excitement, competitiveness, happiness of being rewarded after every successful passed step, but, ultimately, disappointment that we failed. 60% complete isn't good enough!

Needless to say, we'll be back again to solve "The Mystery at the Majestic Theater", and again when Find+Seek releases their other chapters.

Marie's hints? You're allowed up to 10 people at one time, so build a collective brain by bringing more people in. Study the room for clues - everything is there for a reason. Lastly, enjoy the mystery!

If you're interested in going, don't hesitate to check out their website, or their social media pages. You can also get 20% off the booking with discount code "GOMARIEGO" if you go before September 30. Book here. Don't forget to say HI to my cousin Kevin!

Find+Seek Adventure Puzzle Room
Unit 2075 - 88 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Tinseltown (International Village Mall), 2nd floor
Steps away from Stadium Skytrain Station, or 2 hours free underground parking

June Cover - Boulevard Magazine

Last month, I was asked if I would be interested in being photographed on the cover of Boulevard Magazine (a Chinese luxury lifestyle publication), in addition to a full 2 page interview. Read the blog post about my reaction here.

The online magazine came out today. With a lot of love from the magazine, my social media family, and my family and friends, I'd like to present to you, my first magazine cover.

Even if you don't read Chinese, pick up a copy! They distribute all over Greater Vancouver.



LoggerXross: Orofino, Idaho

What did you get up to this weekend? I spent mine with some of the most generous and kind people I've ever encountered, in Orofino, Idaho - a small town with big hearts. 

On Feb 1, I received a request off my Facebook page to sing both the Canadian and American anthems for the annual LoggerXross event, which included the generous offer of a flight for me and my guy, hotel room and all the fixin's, and it was an offer I couldn't resist! I've never been to Idaho before, and a chance to go somewhere new, and to meet a city of new people is something totally down my alley!

Highlights of the trip - meeting the organizer/promoter of the event, Jim Engle and his wife Linda, hearing all of his stories of growing up in Orofino and his Army adventures and the personal tour of the Dworshak Dam. Another highlight was the actual performance - standing at the front of a bridge made with giant logs (with heels on to boot), singing the anthems while trying my hardest not to bail in front of a crowd of people. 

Can't wait to come back next year!

Jim Engle, organizer/promoter for the Orofino Loggercross  

The view of Clearwater River from 717 feet above ground, 17 feet higher than The Wall at Castle Black
(Game Of Thrones nerd-alert!)


Cover Model?! Get Out Of Here!

Last weekend marked my very first cover shoot for a magazine. When I received the call from the producer of Boulevard Magazine, I was beside myself. "Me? You want ME to be on the cover of your magazine? Get out of here! Are you sure?!"

After all the shock and surprise subsided, I accepted the challenge. We would meet in the inner harbour in Victoria on  Sunday, board a yacht during the Victoria Boat Show, start hair and makeup by the wonderful Melodie of Elate Cosmetics (you must check her beauty company out - all cruelty and chemical free products), dress up in something pretty and then I'd have to "work it" for the camera. Sexy, with a touch of class and luxury. Let me tell you...I had to try really hard!

It was definitely an experience to remember. Dressing up in a vibrant, bright red full length gown, performing twirls with different arm/hand gestures, head up or down, look left, look right, all the while, remembering to "smize", sucking it in, making sure my hair isn't stuck on my lipstick, and trying really hard not to squint because of the glaring sunshine. I can't forget about the spectators on the other boats around us, the people in their kayaks paddling over to get a good look and the Victorians walking around the inner harbour taking photos and staring. 

I can't wait to see how the cover turned out. There's a 4 page editorial on me too. Man, am I lucky and forever grateful. Boulevard Magazine, June 2015 edition.

In the meantime, here are some behind the scenes shots. Enjoy!

FIFA - Canadian Women's National Soccer Team - Roster Announcement

I recently had the utmost privilege to sing the bilingual anthem for the Canadian Women's National Soccer Team, for their roster announcement. It was held on a typical rainy Vancouver Monday morning in April, but the event was anything but typical. With at least a hundred little girls in soccer gear on, red banners and Canadian flags everywhere, the roster was revealed, and at the end of the event, I walked out onto the stage and sang our Canadian anthem with the girls, the team, and the audience singing like a choir with me.

What a unique and memorable experience! It was nationally televised, to boot. I keep telling myself how lucky I am to have such exciting opportunities. I am truly thankful.