Rest In Peace, KO

Today was a really rough day.

As I'm writing this, our husky KO's things still lay around our home - his bed, his water bucket and food dish, his squeaky rubber balls, his leash, the box of organic treats we just bought, recently opened. The remnants of him still remain, and I still can't believe he's gone.

A few days ago, he started to display some worrisome behaviour - he was sluggish, wouldn't eat, and breathing extremely hard. After getting blood tests at the vet, we carried him home and he cried all night. This morning he wasn't even able to lift his head up. Our vet took x-rays and delivered the bad news - they found cancer spots in his colon. He was suffering and in so much pain. There was only one decision - and it was the hardest one to make.

He received so much attention everywhere we brought him. His eyes always delighted everyone in his path - his left was white, his right was brown. He'd always push his body up against your legs so you couldn't do anything but pet him, and then he'd look up at you with those gorgeous puppy eyes. He was such a suck for attention. He loved giving us high-fives for treats. That was his only trick, besides sit, lay down and jump, but we didn't care. We loved that one trick. KO didn't lay down like most dogs did. With his front legs out, paws splayed out to either side. I've never seen any other dog lay down like that. When he was young, we'd walk him off leash, and sometimes he wouldn't come back for long periods of time. His primal wolf instincts would kick in, and he would come back with a bloody snout because he was trying to hunt for beavers, but failed.
He loved going for hikes with us, and when he found water, he'd swim in and bite the water like it was a piece of meat. He didn't lap up water like other dogs - he'd bite-drink water. He was the most excitable when the snow started to fall. We'd toss snowballs in the air at him and he'd catch it and eat it. He'd leave bite marks on the pavement from eating all the snow. These are just some of the precious memories I'll always hold dear to my heart.

We took KO in when he was already fully grown, from a family who couldn't take care of him , so we never got to see him as a puppy. That didn't matter to us. He was our puppy and he will always be our puppy. He was 13 years old when we decided that his pain and suffering was too much for him to bear. He passed while in pain, in our arms on the cold floor at the vet. I hope that he is now resting in peace, free of the hurt and suffering he endured the past few days.

We lost a family member today. My heart aches for him. Even though this is the circle of life, you're never prepared to experience the loss of a loved one.  Rest in peace, KO. We love you.

My Second Performance at CenturyLink Field

This coming Friday, October 10th, 2014 will mark my second performance at CenturyLink Field, this time to sing our Canadian anthem at the Vancouver Whitecaps vs Seattle Sounders match.

When I first received the email inviting me to sing, my initial reaction was, "Are you kidding?! Do they know that I'm the official anthem singer for the Whitecaps and not to mention, a HUGE fan? If they want me to wear Sounders gear, I will decline the invitation on the spot!" Thankfully, their plan was to have me sing, representing Canadians, and most importantly, representing the Whitecaps.

After receiving the blessing of the Whitecaps organization, it dawned on me...I WILL BE SINGING AT CENTURYLINK FIELD AGAIN!!!!

Man, am I lucky.

I've never been to an away match before so I'm incredibly excited to have this be my first #CapsOnTour experience. Hope to see all my Southsiders friends in the stands!


Official Seattle Seahawks Anthem Footage

The Seahawks recently sent me their official footage of my anthem performance for the "Superbowl Rematch" game vs the Denver Broncos on September 21, 2014 at CenturyLink Field.

I honestly still can't believe this happened. A dream gig came true for me, and I am forever grateful.



LeftCoast - Fun Fact

Fun Fact - My band LeftCoast was built to be a jazz band. Chef Alex Chen asked me to play jazz during a Bocuse d'Or Canada event and I asked a few musician friends to join me. Now we write and play originals!
Here's a clip of one of the songs in our jazz cover repertoire. It's one of my favorite songs, recorded during a rehearsal. Enjoy!

Follow LeftCoast on Facebook here and Twitter here!

Marshawn Lynch is Never Impressed

Marshawn Lynch (on twitter, @MoneyLynch) is never impressed...except by me, maybe?

The Seahawks Anthem Experience

I can't even begin to explain how incredible this experience was. 

From the moment I met my handler in person after multiple emails throughout the weeks (who was one of the nicest people I've ever met, might I add), to the moment I stepped off the red velvet stage after the American anthem (amid the ear-piercing screaming from all the 12s), I savoured every second of it. Felt it in my bones, to the depths of my soul and back. 

Sadly, my guests weren't allowed to film the performance from the field, so I didn't get any footage, but hopefully the Seahawks will pull through and send some soon. In the meantime, I've compiled some of my own photos, some fan photos and some screenshots of the @Seahawks and @SeahawksCanada tweets. See below! 

The love and support from all my friends, family, twitter, facebook, media and all the people that came up to me after the anthems to tell me I did a great job, was overwhelming. I feel nothing but gratitude - thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

One of the best tweets I received:
"@thebro88: @mariehui I'm a long time @Seahawks season ticket holder and honestly that was one of the best Anthems I've heard. Had goosebumps." 

Special thanks to Keli and Omar from the Seahawks organization for making this all happen for me, Joan from Crest & Crown for sponsoring my eyelash extensions, and C, Tiff and Janine for joining me during this momentous occasion. 

I hope I made all Canadians proud on Seahawk's Canada Day! I hope I get to perform on CenturyLink Field again one day!

Here's the Global TV / BC1 interview the day before the game - Burnaby resident to sing national anthems at Seattle Seahawks game

Here's a video that someone took and graciously sent to me. It's the only video footage I have of the performance! Hope you like it!

Here's an audio clip of the American anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. Listen to the crowd roar!

It's Official!

It's official. My name is officially on the Seattle Seahawks Game Day page on their website.

It's real and it's coming up...real fast! Eek!

Wish me luck!

Push for the MLS Playoffs!

What a blast it was to spend an evening with some good friends recording a video, then having the privilage of recording some footage with two star players of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Kekuta Manneh and Omar Saldago!

Given the fact that they were thrown into the studio, told what to do, then in three takes, finished. If they didn't dance as comfortable, or didn't lipsync the way everyone thought they would, you gotta know, we recorded this with them in literally 15 mins!

Here's to the push for the playoffs. We've only made it twice in four years of being in the MLS. Let's go boys!

The MLS even blogged about it!

Thanks to Clayton Imoo, Jason Nickel, Ben Wylie and his studio One Thousand Rivers! Thanks to Omar and Kekuta for playing along!


A Summer of Firsts

This summer has been a summer of firsts. First time visiting New York City, attending an Indian wedding, first time being a show MC, climbing actual rocks, first time seeing Boyz II Men live, and one of the biggest firsts in my life - singing the anthems for the Seattle Seahawks on the 21st. And then there's this...the first time jumping out of a fully functional aircraft at 12,500ft in the air. 40 seconds of freefall. I just wish my goggles stayed in place!

Don't ever stop learning, and don't ever stop experiencing new things. That's my mantra.


My NFL Anthem Debut

When I received the email that day, I had to tell myself to calm down, in an effort to stop myself from screaming at the top of my lungs in my office.

Needless to say, I'm still trying to calm myself so that I don't ruin my vocal chords for my debut anthem appearance for NFL Superbowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks, as they battle their Superbowl runnerups, the Denver Broncos. Sure to be one of the most watched rematches this season, this game will be sold out and my performance may be aired on television which means not only will 67,000 people be hearing me sing live, but potentially millions more on tv! Not to mention, I'll be singing the anthems at the loudest stadium in the country - CenturyLink Field!

I'm humbled, overwhelmed (in a good way), and left feeling an enormous amount of love and support from all of my friends and family, and from people I haven't even met! Twitter has been such a great medium for me to reach out to people, and vice versa. The amount of emotion I've felt for people's special words in 140 characters just puts me to tears and I am so thankful!

Here's to representing Canada at the Seahawks' Canadian Appreciation game. I hope I make you all proud.

Check out the game to see if I make it on tv - Sunday September 21, 2014, 1:25pm, and follow me on twitter for the play by play - @mariehui

Here's a few articles written about my amazing opportunity.
Vancouver Sun - Burnaby singer will belt out the anthems at Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl rematch in Seattle
Burnaby Newsleader - Burnaby singer to hit career high note at Seahawks game


A Seahawks #12Tour Weekend

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend. What could be better than a weekend full of football, the Seahawks, getting drafted to play in the celebrity game, gigs, anthems and sharing it all with great friends. I really couldn't have asked for anything better.

Clayton Imoo & Arielle Tuliao joined me on stage to sing our Seahawks parody, Soar
Seahawks Super Bowl Champion, Bobby Wagner
Seahawks Super Bowl Champion, Russell Wilson
They actually announced my name during the celebrity draft!
The ladies of the Fighting Fillys
Celebrity Game Green team coach, Bobby Wagner

Honorary Captain of the Green Team
The #12Tour Celebrity Game